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Memorial Day Weekend

As Christians the battle we fight isn't with guns and bullets. Our sword is the word of God and we are supposed to set the captives free. Oftentimes those who appear free can be in bondage. We need discernment and courage to do the will of God.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20140525.mp3 May 25, 2014
In Search of a Great Church

Pastor John looks at how we are to align our view of a great church with God's view of a great church.

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Happy Mother's Day 2014

We all go through the transition from being under Mom's protection to being our own person. Jesus learned to navigate those difficult waters at an early age as He needed to "be about His Father's business." Thank God for the Moms who loved us enough to let us go.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20140511.mp3 May 11, 2014
Empowered By the Holy Spirit

Pastor John uses the example of Peter and John's trial before the Jewish council to show us how we are to move in sync with the Holy Spirit when there is opposition.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20140504.mp3 May 4, 2014
Going "All In" With Jesus

Pastor John looks at Acts 3 to see how we are to hold nothing back and be "all in" with Jesus.

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The Only Begotten

While Gabriel declared that the child Mary would have would be the Son of God... it was at the resurrection that God said, "Today, I have begotten thee." Happy Easter! He is Risen!

Audio icon scf_sermon_20140420.mp3 April 20, 2014
Real Faith Produces Action

Pastor Carlson looks at Hebrews 11:23-29 to discuss how faith will obey God even when opposed by men's laws.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20140413.mp3 April 13, 2014
Peter's First Sermon and the Results

Pastor Carlson looks at Peter's first sermon, the conviction we all need to feel for our own sins, and God's love which transforms us.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20140406.mp3 April 6, 2014
The Holy Spirit is God

Pastor Carlson looks at Acts 5:3-4 to understand why it's important to recognize the who the Holy Spirit is and what His relationship is with us.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20140330.mp3 March 30, 2014
Speaking in Tongues

Pastor Carlson discusses how God uses speaking in tongues, as outlined in the second chapter of the book of Acts.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20140323.mp3 March 23, 2014


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