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The Tension of Descipleship

Associate Pastor Jonathan McQuade discusses the tension we face as we are called to go into the world.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20130929.mp3 September 29, 2013
The Holy Spirit in John's Gospel

Pastor Carlson looks at the identity and the works of the Holy Spirit through the lens of John 16.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20130922.mp3 September 22, 2013
Facing an Unfriendly World??? You Aren't the First and You Won't Be the Last

Pastor John dives deeper into what Christ expects from His disciples and the challenges that they will face in their new lives together as His church.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20130915.mp3 September 15, 2013
Feel Like the World Hates You ... You Just Might Be a Christian

Jesus does not promise an easy life, but He promises a life you will never need to go through without Him.  Pastor Carlson discusses the price of following Christ.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20130908.mp3 September 8, 2013
To a Branch -- the Vine Means Everything

Pastor John discusses John 15:1-17 and how our relationship with Christ necessitates our new life with God.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20130901.mp3 September 1, 2013
The Deep Heartfelt Connection Between Love and Obedience

Pastor Carlson looks at John 14:15-31 draws on Jesus' words that if we love Him, we will obey Him.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20130825.mp3 August 25, 2013
NO - God is Not a Cosmic Pinata

Pastor John looks at how to ask for what we need from Him in Christ.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20130818.mp3 August 18, 2013
Show Us the Father

Pastor Carlson looks at how Jesus describes His relationship with the Father.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20130811.mp3 August 11, 2013
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Pastor Carlson reminds us that the work of our reconciliation to God is in Christ and that no one else will do what He did for us.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20130804.mp3 August 04, 2013
Is There a Test for Spirituality?

Pastor John looks at John 13:31-38 and how the cross reveals the heart of God.

Audio icon scf_sermon_20130728.mp3 July 28, 2013


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